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Pandora’s box

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Pandora was a very naughty girl. She was also selfish and oversexed. She only ever thought about her own pleasure. Her boyfriend was a very good person, he loved her so much that he put up with all her faults, and she used him in every sense. Also her sexual appetite was enormous, she couldn’t get enough of it, and she needed a minimum of 10 orgasms a day. She masturbated frequently when she was alone, and when she wasn’t she got her boyfriend to give her several orgasms through oral sex. When she had had enough, she rarely wanted to pleasure him, all that mattered was herself. Her boyfriend fantasied with anal sex, but she didn’t want to know, as she knew that she wasn’t going to get an orgasm that way. Pandora was also very lazy. She lived off her boyfriend. She spent most of her time at home, or shopping. She didn’t even know what he worked as, it just wasn’t interesting to Pandora, as long as there was plenty of money for her.

One week he had to go for a business trip leaving Pandora on her own. The third day of his absence an enormous box came through the post. Pandora put it in the living room and didn’t give it a second thought. However, two days later Pandora was bored, and she felt curious to know what was inside.

That night, when her boyfriend called she told him about the parcel. – ” A Big box came for you through the post, would you like me to open it for you?”

– No, just put it in my study – said her boyfriend in an offhand manner. – “Why not? Come on, let me open it… – said Pandora in her whinnying tone.

– ” I said no, it’s not your parcel, just forget about it, it’s just something to do with work, I will open it when I get back, okay?” And with that he hung up. Poor Pandora, she just couldn’t forget about the box. Hour after hour she looked at the it, thinking what could be inside. Finally, curiosity got the better off her, and making all sorts of excuses in her mind she ripped the parcel’s paper off, and opened the box. She really had no idea what could be inside, but she certainly didn’t expect what she found, there was what seemed to be some sort of sexual toy, what looked like a stainless steel chastity belt. It was so beautiful, Pandora was very taken by it, and she couldn’t resist getting undressed and putting it on. She had no intention to lock it, she just held it up to her waist to see the effect, but as she did so, the two ends snapped shut, pulled by some sort of powerful magnetic attraction. The belt was fastened tight, it was a perfect fit.

Pandora looked at herself nervously. She loved the sexy effect of the belt. She fingered the meshed area where she could pee without touching her clit and pussy. She felt her ass, so exposed and free from the restraining belt, and twisted her head to see how it looked.

A closer look at the belt showed her that there didn’t seem to be a lock, she couldn’t even see the joins that had clicked together when she put the belt on. She began to feel very nervous, she looked in the box to see if some keys or instructions were there, but there was nothing. She tugged at the belt, trying to pull it off, but she couldn’t.

– How in the hell do I get this off? – she thought – I bet he has done this on purpose, knowing that I would look in the box and try this on. He just wants to humilliate me knowing that I won’t know how to get it off. I can’t bear the thought of him having to see me like this – and with this she stamped her foot in rage for falling in such a silly trap. But bear it she had to. For several days she had a very uncomfortable time, peeing through the mesh of the belt, not being able to clean herself properly, not being able to touch her pussy. This was the worst part, she really was used to have at least 10 orgasms a day, of thinking of her own pleasure, and now she could not. She felt a ticklish feeling in her clit, and she couldn’t touch it, it sent her wild. She felt so near cumming, but without that final stimulation there was no relief for Pandora. All she could do was suffer and wait.

Finally, Friday came. Her boyfriend was due back from his business trip that afternoon. Pandora was waiting for him in the living room, decided to get over the worse part as soon as possible. Letting him see her like that and laugh as much as he wanted, the sooner that happened the sooner she would be freed of the evil contraption. But oh how humiliating it was, she felt like a greedy child that had been caught with her hands in the cookie jar. There was no way she could hide the evidence, it was fastened tightly to her waist.

When her boyfriend finally arrived and let himself into the apartment, he smiled in a cruel manner Pandora had never seen before. He looked at her nude body, her nipples were hard and looked highly frustrated, she looked so hot in her new prision as she rubbed her ass because of the the humiliation and her nervousness. Her face was red, and she found it hard to meet his gaze, she decided to act very submissively, unlike her normal self, so to finish as quickly as possible, she was in no position to have a tantrum as she normally would have and make demands.

– Well well – he said- look what we have here. – he laughed and then continued – Now you know for whom I work, I make chastity belts, but not just any chastity belts… no, belts that Masters and Mistresses use when they want their slaves permanently chastised. The belt you are wearing is the pilot model, the first experimental permanent chastity belt made with your measurements and a cast. I am sorry to say that there is no possible way of getting out of that belt, but of course, I had no intention of you putting it on… – and with this his expression tried to look sorry.

She smiled and laughed. It was all nerves really, she didn’t believe him. He was just teasing her, making her squirm, humiliating her and taking pleasure in the power he had over her. She didn’t believe for a minute that she was trapped in a permanent chastity belt.

He embraced her, she was quiet, shocked, not believing, quite unlike her usual self.

– My poor little cat. You have been chastised for being too curious. I told you didn’t I? well didn’t I?, to leave the box alone… And having said that he licked his finger and put it in Pandora’s virgen ass. She moaned in pleasure, so in heat was she, so frustrated, that this unknown anal pleasure was divine.

– Thank God we have your ass free, I am now going to be able to really enjoy it. That frustrated state you will always be in, will mean that you will really enjoy anal sex, I bet you will actually beg me for it. – and he continued to move his finger in her ass. He then put her on all fours and fingered her nipples as he slowly inserted his now hard penis in her tight ass. What a pleasure it was, he had never felt anything like it. He could hear her moan and she was mounted, slowly at first, but then faster and faster, until he finally cum..

My poor little love – he said – no orgasm for you – looking with a little pity to his girlfriend, who had now put her own finger in her ass, trying to get a little more pleasure. He kissed her forehead, and left her to her thoughts.

Night after night Pandora begged him to tell her the way out of the belt. And night after night he told her that there was no way out. Frustrated and whimpering, feeling her clit beating inside it’s prison, she would finally beg him for some anal pleasure. And he readily complied. So if you are a naughty girl, curious and oversexed, I would be very careful. Perhaps you will end up like poor Pandora, with no orgasms ever again. Be-careful because Curiosity frustrated the cat.


Too much of a good thing

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Norman had finally persuaded Jenny to do him. Sure, they had experimented with anal play for some time now, and she had even inserted a couple of fingers into him once or twice. She was reluctant to do even that because it was perverted and “dirty.” But she wanted to please him, and he talked her into trying it… just this once.

A week later there was a nondescript package lying on their doorstep. That on-line toyshop certainly did ship promptly. They unwrapped it together, he with eager anticipation, she apprehensively. There it was, a black harness with a chrome ring. Cocooned in bubble wrap was the payload, a realistically styled eight-inch silicone dildo. They almost overlooked the small squeeze-tube of water-based lube.

It was several days before she worked up the courage to try it. They were making love, and Norm had just brought her to a second orgasm by sucking on her clit. She was oddly reluctant to be penetrated, but he was entitled to his pleasure, too. She caressed his ass with a wicked gleam and reached back into the far recesses of her underwear drawer.

“Bend over the bed and relax. You wanted this, and now you’re gonna get it.”

Eyes closed, and his chest sinking into the soft mattress, he felt her finger gently rubbing between the split of his buttocks, then withdrawing. Now the finger was back, and there was something cold and wet there and it was pressing into his hole, then sliding in. Now there were two fingers in him and wetness was dripping out of him and running down his left thigh.

“I think you’re overdoing it with the lube, hon.”

“Well, let me know when you’re ready. I wasn’t too keen on this idea in the first place, and maybe I just want to get it over with.”

“I appreciate it, baby, believe me. Pleasuring me like this is a very loving way of caring for me.”

Oddly enough, the simple act of snapping the dildo through the harness ring sent a shiver of pleasure down her spine. Why was that? She was about to do something twisted and sick. She was going to stick this silly cock-lookalike deep into his bunghole like she was a queer fucking another queer. The more she thought about how perverted it was, the more it turned her on. This is sick, so SICK. And somehow fascinating.

She held on to his hips and gingerly pressed the dildo’s bulbous tip against his opening. “Does that hurt?”

“No. So far, so good. Push into me slowly.”

She moved her hips toward him and pressed forward slightly. His hole dimpled inward, then opened up. The dildo seemed to pop past a slight resistance, and the length of it began disappearing into him, into his body, *into his hole*. The sight of his asshole stretching and widening, then clamping down as the silicone cock slid into him made her shudder. She was doing it! SHE WAS FUCKING HIM IN THE ASS! There was a sound like crashing surf in her ears and her legs were trembling. Her pussy was spasming. She had just had her third orgasm.

“Hello? Honey? You still there?”

“Norm, this is doing weird things to me. I’m so hot. I’m all the way inside you and I have the urge to just fuck and fuck and *fuck* you. I don’t want to hurt you, but I want to plunge in and out. I want to possess you. I want every part of you to belong to me.”

“Easy now, hon. When I’ve loosened up a bit, you can pound a little harder.”

Pushing inside, then pulling out. The rocking back and forth excited her, then soothed her. She drifted into a kind of rapturous trance, as she plumbed his depths, and pillaged and looted his innermost treasure. ‘This is what a man feels like, this intoxicating sense of utterly possessing a lover, of total ownership. This is the ultimate power over a human being. I LOVE it.’

She shuddered as another full-body orgasm rippled over her like an earthquake.

The pulsing earth rhythms of wind and rain resonated to the thrusting of the piston into his lower gut. It was an oceanic feeling, of balancing on the razor edge of eternity, of being at peace with himself and the universe. It was a sense of acceptance, of calm that Norm had never before found in his life. The bedsheet beneath him was soaked with come.

He shuddered again and again, and drifted in a neverlight of dimly illuminated memories and dreams. The alternating pressure within his bowels, the liquid friction, the feeling of being filled, then emptied, periodically brought him exquisite pleasure, then draining release.

“Honey. Hey, I’m starting to feel a bit sore down there. You’ve been at it almost an hour. Ease up a little, okay?”

“Gosh, I’m sorry, Norm. I don’t want to cause you any discomfort. It feels so GOOD. Just one more push, huh?”

“Well, I guess a major transformative experience is worth getting my ass torn up for. Go for it.”

She collapsed onto his bent-over form, the entire length of the surrogate cock all the way up inside him. Dried sweat and body fluids glued the fronts of her thighs to the burning flesh of his buttocks. Her pussy was throbbing and empty.

“Fill me, Norm, if you can. Now. I need you inside me. Please.”

He could, and did. And again.

The next morning, in the shower, as he bent over for the soap he felt her hands on his butt cheeks. Then a finger slipped inside him.


Virgin island

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I am a junior at a large college in Hawaii. The semester ended about two weeks ago, and as with every year, on the last day of finals there is the annual student-association dinner-and-dance night, held at one of the best hotels in the area. That was when I met Linda. She was 18 years old, a freshman at a private college on the island. She’d just arrived three weeks before. As a courtesy, I offered to take her around and lend her any needed assistance.

Last Friday night, she called me with the excuse that she couldn’t make it back to the dorm because it was too far away (a good 45 minutes’ drive over narrow, winding, mountainous roads), and asked if she could stay with me over at my place. I readily agreed, and about ten minutes later she arrived. She said she was hungry, so we drove out to a nearby take-out place and grabbed a couple of burgers. We got back to my apartment and ate while watching the telly, but since there was nothing interesting on, we switched it off and talked about her stay on the island so far, making some tentative plans to visit some of the attractions.

At about ten, Linda said that she needed to change and I decided to bust out some cognac. When she came back into the room, all she was wearing was an oversized polo shirt with the top three buttons undone and the bottom of the shirt hanging just two inches below her crotch. My cock instantly came to life as she shut the door behind her, and I thought it would rip right through my shorts as she bent over to put her clothes away, giving me a fantastic view of her small, firm ass.

Linda climbed onto the bed with me. I handed her a glass of cognac, and we both made a toast to the coming summer and the fantastic time we would be having. I looked into her eyes and sensing that she wouldn’t object, kissed her lips. Our tongues met, and in less than 30 seconds, we were both panting heavily. My right hand reached down to caress her ass, then slowly moved up to unbutton the rest of her shirt and pull it off her shoulders. I immediately attacked her left tit with my mouth while my hand went to work on the right one. Her nipples, which were as big as half-dollars, now stood hard and erect.  I started stroking her thighs and stomach, and when I inserted my fingers into her panties and began to finger her curly mound, her whole body froze. She clasped her long, thin thighs together, and her last moan stuck in her throat. It took me quite a while before I realized what was happening.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked her. In a soft, cute voice, she shyly admitted that she was, and this was the first time she was “really” being made love to.  This was one opportunity I had no intention of letting slip away. Pushing her back onto the bed, I planted a deep, forceful kiss on her wet mouth. Our tongues met and she moaned deeply. Her hands were rubbing my chest and back as I pulled her bikini panties off her legs. I again began fingering her cunt as I slowly worked my mouth down her tits to her pussy. I thrust my tongue between her parted thighs and began licking her dripping snatch. I slowly and teasingly lapped her thick and juicy pussy lips, and as I shoved my tongue up her fuck hole, I felt an obstruction. Here was a real virgin, in every sense of the word, just waiting to get fucked for the first time. Her cunt lips were closed so tightly together that I needed my fingers to pry them apart.

By now my prick was so hard that I thought I’d come right then and there. I climbed on top of Linda and turned her over so that she was now on top of me.  We kissed for a little while before I pushed her down to my cock. She pulled my shorts off, freeing my throbbing manhood, and began sucking hungrily. With her head bobbing up and down on my proud, hard, erect man-meat, it wasn’t long before I felt my load rushing to the blood-filled head of my eager cock. Slowly the semen began to spurt from my dick into her mouth. At first, she seemed surprised, but she hungrily took each squirt and swallowed all my spunk without missing a single drop. She kept on sucking my cock while I reached over, pulled her ass toward me so that we were in a sixty-nine position, and started licking and sucking on her soft, red-hot pussy. Suddenly Linda let out a scream and her sweet love juices squirted all over my face. She then turned around to face me and fell on top of me. We kissed softly while I stroked her lovely little ass.

By this time my prick had started to come alive again. I turned Linda over on her back and furiously kissed her on the lips while I spread her thighs wide open. I got between her legs, putting my cock on her pussy lips and teasingly stroking it up and down her cunt. Linda started moaning and begging me to fuck her, pleading that I be gentle — this was her first time. I reassured her and told her to relax and get ready for what she’d remember as being the best fuck of her life. She began massaging her tits as I continued to tease her pussy.  Then in one quick thrust, I pushed my prick into her tight, eager cunt, ripping her precious pussy sheath apart. Linda didn’t seem to feel it at all. She began to buck her hips up and down on the bed as I continued to fuck her little twat with long, forceful strokes. Her cunt gripped my prick like a clam and refused to let it go. We fucked wildly, our bodies moving in perfect unison. Linda regulated her body movements so that she would receive the full impact of my thrusts. By now she was moaning so loud that I thought she would wake up my housemate for sure. I’m pretty certain that he heard the screams when she finally reached orgasm.

I pounded Linda for about 15 minutes before I felt the familiar ache in my balls. Making one final thrust into her little pleasure hole, my cock erupted in a shattering orgasm, shooting thick loads of come deep into her cunt. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and spent the rest of the weekend sucking and fucking. I eventually sent her back to her dorm on Sunday, but I will be picking her up this Friday night. I can’t wait to spend another exciting weekend with her.


Sumo lust

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It was spring. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming and the dogs were crapping in the bushes. I was sitting on a park bench with my Fantastic Four graphic novel. I really liked Wieringo’s artwork. I guess some people thought I was a bit old for comics. I’d been to college for a few years, until I blew out my knee playing offensive line.

I guess you figured out by now that I’m a big guy. At six foot five and probably somewhere around 350, I catch a few second looks. But at twenty-six years old and I was still a virgin. That was about to change, big time.

Living in New York you get used to people screaming in all kinds of languages. At first I didn’t even look up from my book. When I heard the running footsteps I turned in their direction. A skinny little guy was running toward my bench. Right on his heels was a large young oriental woman. The guy was carrying a purse. He didn’t look like the purse carrying kind. I jumped off the bench and hit him with a pancake block. He dropped like wet cement. Then he glared up at me and reached inside his baggy pants. The gun had almost cleared his waistband when the big girl landed full force on top of him. All the air rushed out of his lungs. She was pounding his head into the grass when the cops showed up to take him away.

The girl introduced herself as Hisa and told me I’d been a very brave man. Now that things had calmed down, I’d finally had a chance to see how pretty she was. She didn’t look much older than twenty. She had beautiful almond shaped eyes, her long, silky black hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her sweat suit revealed a nice round set of tits and a friendly looking rump. When she kissed me on the cheek I noticed that she smelled like spice and flowers. I tried to start a conversation, knowing that I was going to sound stupid, as I always did around women I was attracted to.

“You run pretty fast.”

“Thank you,” she said with lowered eyes, “Training is very important.”

I looked at her large body and knew, for sure, that she wasn’t training for a road race.

“Training?” I asked with my usual eloquence.

“I am here from Japan for shin-zumo tournament. So sorry, female sumo wrestling is shin-zumo.”

I didn’t even know women did sumo wrestling, much less that they had international tournaments. I was trying to figure out something to say when Hisa picked up my fallen Fantastic Four collection and handed it back to me.

“You like the comic art, I see,” she said with a light accent.

I started to explain but she cut me off with her own praise of Wieringo’s work. We started talking about different comic artists from Jack Kirby to Tamaki Shin. The girl really knew her stuff. My words were flowing freely, it wasn’t like talking to any other woman I’d ever met.

“I have brought much new manga material with me,” she said. “Would you like to see it?”

I responded enthusiastically and before I knew it we were sitting on the bed in her hotel room. She brought out about two-dozen magazines and sat down next to me as I flipped through the pages. They were all in Japanese so I couldn’t read the text but some of the artwork was amazing. Some of it was also pretty erotic. The combination of the sexual images and the feel of Hisa’s fragrant body warmth right next to me on the bed were definitely stirring up my groin. I was trying to hide my erection under the magazine I was perusing. She must have noticed it anyway because her fingers slid under the magazine and gently rested on my crotch. I looked up into her pretty brown eyes. She smiled as she leaned forward to kiss me. Her hand began rubbing my hard-on, the magazine fell to the floor.

She unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard cock.

“You have a delightfully big penis. I have never seen one so big before,” she whispered seductively. When her soft lips wrapped around the shaft and it slid into her warm mouth I heard myself groan with pleasure. My hands slipped under sweatshirt to caress her smooth skin. Her back was incredibly muscular yet her warm skin was the softer than anything I’d ever felt in my life. My balls were on fire from her fantastic cock sucking. I really wanted to fuck her but was afraid that, if she continued sucking my cock with such enthusiasm, I was going to cum before I got the chance.

“Hisa,” I confessed, “I’ve never done this sort of thing before.

She looked up and smiled. Then she began undressing me.

“Don’t worry, Ben,” she whispered, “Hisa will take good care of you.”

Having stripped me naked, she eased me down on to my back and straddled me as she stripped. I’d always thought oriental girls had little tiny boobies but Hisa’s were deliciously round with little tiny dark brown circles around her erect nipples. As big as she was, she wasn’t really fat. Her slightly rounded belly looked tight. A bushy patch of black pubic hair began just a few inches down from her navel. I could see that her cunt lips were large and slightly parted.

Her beautiful breasts dangled in front of me as leaned down and softly ran her tender lips across mine. She reached down to grab my stiff dick, her soft hand sliding up and down the shaft a few times before she enveloped me in her wondrous wet warmth. Sitting up, she rocked slowly on my cock with her eyes closed. Her light moan mingled with mine. She was biting her thin lower lip. My hands reached back to grab her silky-smooth, firm round ass. I held on for dear life as she increased her fucking motions, rising up until just the head of my cock was inside her and then sliding back down until I was buried deep inside her sweet, hot Japanese pussy. Each time she pushed down she groaned with pleasure and squirmed a bit. Her cunt muscles seemed to pull at my cock as she held it in buried all the way and then rose again in a delicious sliding motion. We went at it like this, slowly building the sensations inside each other, for a few minutes. Her breathing was becoming a bit harsher, my heart was pounding, and even at this slow pace I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to hold on before cumming.

She leaned back down and gave me a deep kiss. Her mouth tasted sweet as our tongues tangled.

“Stay with me, Ben,” she panted, “it’s time for this white boy to cum inside a real woman.”

She braced herself with her arms on either side of my head and, once again, began sliding up and down on my dick but now her strokes were shorter and faster. I started fucking back at her thrusting pussy, still holding on to her full buttocks. Her breasts were swinging in my face. My mouth caught a nipple and I began to suck, causing her to moan loudly and increase the pace of her fucking. By now I was thrusting back just as hard and fast. We were caught up in a fucking frenzy, our big bodies slapping together. I could feel a massive load of cum churning in my balls and knew that I was moments away from a powerful orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

“Fuck me with your big, white cock,” she groaned, “give me your giant load of cum… fuck me… give it to me…. all your hot cum inside me!”

That’s about all it took. My body and brain exploded, my cock jerked and spurted deep inside that hot, pulsating, pumping pussy. She reached a hand over and began frantically rubbing her clit. I was just about on my final, spastic spurt when I felt her pussy tighten around me and heard her incoherent cries of ecstasy.

Her sweet, sweat slicked body collapsed on mine. I was finally a man. I’d given up my virginity for a taste of sumo lust.


Her dharma bum

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Aashka was working late again. It was well after midnight. Her programming project was buggy and bumping up against a deadline. It was beginning to seem that every solution generated two new problems. She wished this thing was over and done with. Just about every night and weekend for the past three months had been spent struggling with this project. Aashka was healthy young woman with strong needs. Back home in New Delhi, she was considered beautiful and, even here in the United States, her dark beauty, slender body and sparkling eyes turned heads. There was little doubt that she could find a man to sleep with her and bring feelings of satisfaction to her yoni but she had no time for social activities at the present time. The project needed to be brought to completion and she was stuck for answers.

Swallowing her pride, she headed for Clay’s office. She knew Clay would be there, even if there were nobody else left on the floor. It seemed to her that the pale redhead man lived in his office.

Though Clay was only twenty-three, he was unarguably the firm’s alpha geek. The tall redhead wrote elegant code and was responsible for several major contributions to the last release of Linux. He was a force to be reckoned with in the world of computers but was known to be shy and somewhat reclusive. Clay had no sex life. His only previous sexual experiences had been with his right, and sometimes his left, hand. Though he was fluent in many programming languages, he found it almost impossible to speak with women. When Aashka appeared in his doorway, he felt the familiar surges of frustrated lust but tried to push them aside. Her white blouse was stretched across her well-rounded chest, her short, flowing skirt complimented her round hips and sexy dark brown legs. There was no way he was ever going to be able to score with a sleek, beautiful woman like her. She probably had men standing in line to touch her full, round breasts and smooth brown patchouli scented skin. Clay imagined she probably had her strong, shapely dark legs wrapped around the man of her choosing every night. It’s funny how a man who knew so much could know so little.

Clay looked over her printouts and then inserted the CD she’d brought with her into his disk drive. Aashka thought he looked comfortable in his tee shirt and old gym shorts and wished she could dress so casual. He was intensely staring at the computer monitor, rapidly scrolling through her code and occasionally muttering to himself. She thought he looked cute with his tousled, curly red hair and light freckles. From the look of his pale skin, she wondered when was the last time he’d been out in the sun. The sudden sound of his voice broke through the fog of her musings.

“Could you grab my tarantula folder for me?” he asked.

“Tarantula folder?”

“Yeah,” he laughed. Aashka thought it was a friendly, pleasant laugh. “It’s in the cabinet over there. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. It’s my collection of notes on big, hairy problems. It’s probably in the bottom drawer.”

Clay marveled at the sweet roundness of her rear end as she bent to search for the folder. Just the sight of her sexy body was making him hard.

“I don’t see anything marked tarantula here,” she said.

Clay got up to help. He stood behind her looking over her shoulder. Distracted by her silky black hair he moved a step too close. His crotch bumped up against her curvaceous butt, pressing his erect dick up against the crack of her ass.

He quickly stumbled backwards with profuse, stuttering apologies.

Aashka smiled and looked over her shoulder at the blushing man-child. Her own horniness had been wreaking havoc with her concentration recently.

“Your lingham is hard with lust,” she said with a little giggle.

“Yeah, I…um…oh!” Clay’s feeble reply was cut short by the sight of Aashka dropping her black panties and lifting her skirt to reveal her lovely brown ass and dark haired pussy. He saw her fingers reach down and begin rubbing between her legs.

“My yoni has deep yearnings, it is wet with lust. Could you perhaps be so kind as to help me with this additional problem?”

Clay was afraid that if he said a word he was going to wake from this dream. He quickly stepped out of his gym shorts and briefs. His erection stood straight out from his copper pubes as he shakily moved toward her beautiful raised brown posterior. She reached behind her back and grabbed his hard pink cock with her tender brown hand. She guided it between her spread legs until he could feel the moist warmth of her slit. Her body shifted a bit and then she placed his rock solid dick inside her. Clay couldn’t believe how hot and tight her pussy felt. His hips pushed forward and Aashka let out a long moan while he buried himself deep within her hot, humid depths. Her vaginal muscles clenched around his shaft, somehow she was massaging his dick with her pussy. Though he wanted to fuck her fast and hard, Clay just stood there a moment, drowning in the swirling sensations her grasping, clutching, slick cunt muscles were sending through his cock and balls. It felt like time stood still and Clay never wanted it to start again. He wanted to die in the heat of her flaming, fantastic pussy.

Aashka began slowly moving, gently fucking him, her ass slowly rocking. He rubbed the silky brown flesh of her moving butt and began to slowly pump to her hypnotic, swaying beat of desire. Clay pushed up his tee shirt to feel her sweet smooth dark flesh against his. She ground her cunt against his cock a bit harder, a bit faster. He picked up on her fucking motions, sliding in and out of her cunt to the movements of the rotating, round ass that he held in his hands. Suddenly, he felt her fingers touch his plunging cock and then move up toward her hooded clit. With a deep groaning she began to rub her clit. Her ass was now thrusting against him and he started fucking her back as hard and fast as she was fucking him. It was now beyond all control. Their animalistic fucking buried their rational minds, driving them on in pounding, passionate fury. Their young nude torsos slapped together, the sounds echoing off the walls of the small office. What had started slow and gentle had become a sweat drenched, raw, lust driven race to orgasm accompanied by sub-human grunting and groaning. Clay’s breathing had become ragged, he felt like his heart was going to explode in his chest, he grabbed Aashka’s thrusting hips tight in both hands as their fast and furious final strokes drove them closer to meltdown. With one last powerful thrust, Clay’s cock drove deep into the hot, pulsating Indian pussy. His hips shook and twitched from the force of the cum tearing through him. Somewhere in the distance he heard Aashka’s desperate panting and long, loud moans. Her frantically, flashing fingers brought her over the top. Her rich brown flesh quivered with her orgasmic waves. Clay was grinning ear to ear.

Back in high school he’d written a paper on Kerouac’s “Dharma Bums”, little knowing that someday he would finally lose his virginity while riding the sweet curves of Aashka’s rippling dharma bum.


Stress therapy

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Rachel climbed the stairs of the university’s Behavioral Sciences building to finally arrive at her office on the 6th floor. (And I thought being a grad student would get me some respect,) she thought sarcastically. The corner nook the department liked to call her “office” was hardly 10X10 feet in floor space and crammed with all sorts of books that the regular profs didn’t seem to want. If nothing else, it was comfortable. She had found room for a fouton that served as a couch during appointments and as a bed when she stayed there to chip away at her dissertation. (Ah well, another day, another assistanship dollar.) she mused as she turned on her computer to check her appointment calendar.

As the computer booted she examined her reflection on the screen. Rachel was a pleasant woman, perhaps not a super-model, but she held her own against the “cheerleader” types. Her mother had always bragged about her combination of brains and beauty. Rachel didn’t completely dissagree, either; she had the classic Norweigan features, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a well proportioned body. A bit top heavy, pehaps, but there were worse things. He breasts were quite adequate for turning heads, especially among the under grads, she noticed.

It turned out that she had only one appointment that morning, a counselling session with a student named Christopher. Due to arrive in 15 minutes, she decided to put on some coffee and settle down.

Almost exactly 15 minutes later, a head popped out from behind the door and a timid voice called out “Hello?”

“Hi. Come in and sit down,” Rachel said warmly. “My name’s Rachel, and you must be Chris.”

“Yeah, I’m Chris.” He seemed like a balloon that couldn’t hold any more air without popping. Stress was written all over his face, and Rachel noticed that he had probably stayed up all night last night because of his bloodshot eyes and weary expression.

After the formalities were out of the way, Rachel asked Chris to tell her about himself. Chris was a music major, and sang in the university choir as well as played trumpet in the orchestra. Rachel could see why he was stressed; music majors are well-known for hellacious schedules and long practice/study hours. She was amazed at how Chris thought nothing of working until 2 or 3 in the morning only to have an 8am class the next day.

“How long have you been doing this?” Rachel asked.

“Since my freshman year, and I’m a junior now. It never bothered me until a while ago.” Chris said. “It was just part of surviving.”

“What do you do to relieve stress?”

“I used to be able to do anything to relieve stress. Music used to relax me so much. Now music is the biggest source of stress I have. I have to be that much better than the next guy or else I don’t get into the grad school I want. You should understand that.”

Admittedly, she did. She remembered back to her undergrad days, when she fought tooth and nail to be the best psych major there was, so she could have this assistanship. “I do understand, Chris. I remember worrying about it as much as you are now. But there isn’t ANYTHING you can do to relax?”

“Hell, I can’t even masturbate to relax anymore!” Chris blurted out. Almost immediately Chris realized what he had said. He blushed a deep shade of crimson. “Um… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that… maybe I should leave now–”

“Wait, don’t leave.” Rachel said, almost too anxiously. A furious wave of thoughts went through her mind. Somehow Chris’s remark had taken Rachel out of her “professional” mode and now realized that she was getting turned on! (Stop it, stop it right here. Rule number 1 about counselling: DON’T get involved with your patients–MAJOR no-no… But he *is* cute… and I haven’t had any fun lately… NO! You can’t do it… why not? Maybe it’s just what he needs…)

Rachel went to the door and closed it tight. With no other appointments this morning, she wouldn’t be bothered for a good three hours. (Well, I’ve neverseduced anyone before… but I guess there’s always a first time. Here goes nothing), she thought.

“Chris, I’m going to ask you some… personal questions. You don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to. I promise that anything you tell me will be kept between us. Okay?” Chris only nodded. “Chris, how long have you been masturbating?”

“Since I was fifteen.”

“Have you had sex since then?”

Chris blushed again. “um. . . no.”

“You’re a virgin? That’s surprising, a good-looking guy like you.” And he *was* good looking. He was just a little shorter than she was, solidly built muscles under his T-shirt, short brown hair, and a pleasant face. This was getting more interesting by the minute. She began to run her fingers throughhis hair, and stood in front of him so that her breasts were level with his eyes. “Can you still masturbate now, or did you mean that the stress wasn’t letting you?”

“Oh, I still can, it just doesn’t feel as good as it once did.” He was getting more comfortable with the sudden twist of conversation, it seemed. “I bet I sound rather silly to you now,”

“Not at all. It’s not something you need to be ashamed of.” Rachel couldn’t believe she had just said that. “Perhaps you’d like to try it here and now. Mastrubating, that is,” she said with a little smile.

“HERE? Now?”

“Why not? If this is how you used to be able to relieve stress, why not try again?” She began to unbutton her shirt and changed her tone to be as seductive as she could possibly comprehend. “I’ll even help,” she said with a smile.

This got some results, Rachel noticed; a bulge was beginning to grow in Chris’s Levis. Rachel sat down beside Chris and began to stroke his crotch. “Would you help me take my bra off?”

Chris was too caught up in the moment to ask questions. Instinctively, he reached around Rachel and undid her bra. With a deft movement, Rachel had taken off her top and bra so that her newly bared breasts hovered mere inches from Chris’s face. Tenatevly at first, Chris began to lick at her nipple, then became more confident when Rachel moaned in response. “Oh…yeah, *baby*… suck my tits!” It was rare when Rachel would actually speak during lovemaking. More often than not, words just got in the way. However, this was different. Chris needed stimulation from all the senses, and Rachel was happy to oblige. Her hands found Chris’s button fly, and within seconds had pulled his throbbing manliness out for her to conquer. Making Chris lie down, Rachel looked over Chris’s cock and paused only for a moment to admire. She wasn’t good at estimating size, but figured that he had to be at least 7 inches long. “I’m gonna make you cum, Chris,” she said huskily. “I’m gonna suck the cum right out of you, and you won’t be able to do a thing about it.” Chris could only whimperin response. Running her tongue over his purpleish head, down his shaft and down to his balls, Chris tensed, letting the ecstasy overcome him. With practiced skill, Rachel took him into her mouth. She worked him up, pushing him higher and higher until she was sure that he would explode.

“Wait, please.” Chris managed to squeak out.

This surprised Rachel. She was sure that Chris had lost complete control. Oh well, no big deal. “Yes, love?”

“Let me cum inside you. I want this to be right.”

She had planned to wait for the second time around, but what the hell. “Whatever you want, Chris. I’m yours.” Eagerly, Rachel stripped off her skirt and settled down on top of him. She gasped as she impaled herself on his dick. She realized that she’d underestimated Chris’s size as he had reached farther that Rachel had ever felt before. She ground into him, and with each stroke shebrought herself closer to orgasm. Chris was breathing heavy, a twisted look of pleasure on his face.

“Ooohhh… It’s almost there!” Chris grunted.

“You can do it baby! I want your hot cum!” Rachel yelled.

This was too much for Chris, as he blossomed into orgasm, shooting his virgin load deep into Rachel, who in turn was brought over the edge. Chris fellin a heap onto the fouton, exausted. Ironically, it was the most relaxed Rachelhad seen him. (This may not be bad therapy for me, either,) Rachel thought as she cleaned herself up and waited for Chris’s strength to return.